Rump Talks

Below you find a list of the rump talks presented during the WEIS’23. Ross Anderson has summarized all presentations in his liveblog.

  • Ross Anderson, University of Cambridge. ExtremeBB: A Database for Research into Online Hate, Harassment, the Manosphere and Extremism
  • Mingyan Liu, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Quantifying the Social Cost of Data Breaches.
  • Tyler Moore, University of Tulsa. On Gaps in Enterprise Cyber Attack Reporting
  • Tyler Moore, University of Tulsa. How Cryptocurrency Exchange Interruptions Create Arbitrage Opportunities
  • Boris Hemkemeier, Commerzbank. The Untrue Cost of Cybercrime
  • Daniel W. Woods, University of Edinburgh. Collecting Scientific Evidence on Control Measures
  • Aljona Rebakovski, Commerzbank. Challenges in Cyber Risk Quantification & Management
  • Sanghyun Han, Georgia Institute of Technology. Reflecting on Industrial Policy
  • Sébastien Gillard, University of Geneva. Simulating Cooperation & Resilience with Agent-Based Models
  • Jean Camp, Indiana University. SBOM: Citrus or Solution to Lemons Market?
  • Serge Egelman, ICSI & UC Berkeley, AppCensus. Putting the Lie to Data Brokers’ Claims: Help Wanted
  • Dann Arce, University of Texas at Dallas. WEIS’24